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All Kootenay Aggregate represents the future of aggregate and topsoil hauling and placement with the exclusive Stone Slinger. In the past, a shovel and wheel barrow were used to move material from one place to another. Or, an excavator, such as a Bobcat, was needed to pick up the piles and dump them repeatedly. The problem is that these techniques cause a waste of both material and time because an average of 1 yard per load is lost and the job often takes all day to complete.

Now, there is a much better way to solve all of the problems associated with aggregate and soil hauling and placement– the Stone Slinger from All Kootenay Aggregate. While using a conveyor belt to evenly spread materials to the exact places they need to go, the Stone Slinger accomplishes the best results and reduces the need for multiple pieces of equipment. Plus, the product is never wasted because it does not have to be picked up and moved twice.

Another drawback to conventional methods of dumping material is the contamination that takes place when picking up piles from the ground, and the Stone Slinger eliminates that through precise placement. Future settling issues when placing soil  are also drastically reduced as the lawn will not experience sinking or rising in areas the way it would if the soil was not spread across the ground consistently. Homeowners will appreciate how easy the lawn care is when water is not absorbed into thick clumps of soil.

Driveways and walkways are protected by the long range of the Stone Slinger, which can shoot material over distances. Because we are not driving over or tearing up lawns and finished areas, the process is trouble-free without unwanted work or cost. No project is too big or small for All Kootenay Aggregate, the company that provides fast, professional, and quality services to contractors and homeowners, and we look forward to helping you experience the same advantage.

Serving the entire Kootenay region, we proudly offer the following benefits:

  • Fast onsite service (most jobs are completed in hours, not days)
  • We are always on call for whenever you need us
  • Our services do not require the use of other expensive equipment
  • Stone Slinger transportation of materials virtually eliminates contamination
  • Time is saved by transporting and filling in one step
  • Even distribution of product
  • Materials can be placed in hard to reach places (such as on a hill or around the back of a house)
  • Remote controlled machinery to ensure the inspection of material as it is literally landing

Material can easily be placed in levels allowing it to be compacted as needed.
We eliminate putting employees in dangerous holes or slopes to level material as we can place it from a safe area.

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